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The best business - trainers of Sweden

Owner of the Swedish business awards "Framgångsstipendiet" for 2007. Currently practicingeconomist with 20 years of leadership experience in sales and customer service. She oversees major companies such as the Scandinavian Airlines System, Scandic hotel’s chain in Sweden etc. Aim of her trainings is the creation of an effective strategy of business development, identifying problems and finding complex solutions.

Lisa is very bright and charismatic woman who is ready to share her experience not only in the form of lectures and seminars, but also in live communication with the audience: anecdotes, stories, interactive, master-classes are included into her trainings.

More recently, she received the title of the most "hot" speaker of Sweden.


Best business speaker of Sweden in the field of creativity in management. Economist and entrepreneur with personal experience of creating a successful start-up projects. Member of the leadership of the Swedish Association of inventors and holder of two patents.

Teo believes that creativity is a difficult, but learnable skill. During the year Teo reads more than 200 lectures in Sweden and abroad, telling the audience, why is it so hard to be creative, why it is so important and so funny.

Teo together with his twin-brother Fredrik created the IDEA BOOK - book, where more than 10 000 ideas for the business development and efficient management are gathered. Many of these ideas were conceived during the trainings.

Teo was named as one of "the most inspiring person of Sweden".


Ph.D. who also received the nickname " Solutions Doctor " for his innovative approach to decision making. Included in the TOP-3 business trainers in Sweden. For a short period of time Ari became one of the most popular speakers of Scandinavia. He has acted as an risks expert for "Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co." in the issues of Swedish radioactive waste disposal for the next 100,000 years.

At the moment, Ari is one of the key speakers at Oracle's Nordic Partner Event, IBM Forum, SAP Butterfly Event, lectures at Stockholm School of Economics, and also consults such famous companies as ABB, Volvo, Ericsson.

In 2013 Ari together with his wife Mona has published the “Pyramid” book, where they reveal many aspects of making the right decisions. Ari Riabacke without a doubt is a professional in issues related to the decision making.

His training is aimed at self-analysis, dip into the inner world where you can find the most unexpected decision.


Leading Scandinavian business-consultant in the field of sales, communication techniques, and incentive programs. Top-5 business speaker of Sweden.

The ideological inspirer of large Swedish trade corporations, showman and a true-born orator. The author of the book about art of sales at the highest level.

Expert in the field of research "sales funnel" and creation of effective sales management. Per developed an innovative approach to sales as the art of self-presentation, and practices its application in various fields of business.

Lange has personally trained more than 7,000 people in sales, communication and motivation. Head of the eponymous "LANGE SHOW" - a spectacular performance that combines both entertaining and educational aspects. During the training the trainees become direct participants of the process and their own experience convinces that the ideas, voiced in theory, actually work in practice.

"EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE" - the general life slogan of Per Lange!


Trainer with over 25 years of experience of coaching work. TOP-3 business speaker of Sweden. The best business trainer of Sweden of 2009. Enhager gives business advises for McDonalds, H&M, General Electric, SEB, and many other Scandinavian and international companies. Also Kjell trains leading Scandinavian athletes, actors, musicians, businessmen.

This talented and famous business speaker used to work as pizzamaker, professional Golf player and even was a monk, diving deep in every activity and getting a lot of experience.

Enhager supports various social projects, non-profit organizations and foundations, with particular attention to children and their social rights. Kjell develops and implements the popular coaching NOPRA FU model - Now, Outcome, Problem, Resources, Actions and Follow-Up (Now, Outcome, Problem, Resources, Activities, and Follow Up) using it in his trainings all other the world.


Economist, business trainer, public speaker, and author of the famous book "Funky Business", Kjell declares the necessity of development of a fundamentally new business - innovative, unpredictable, fantastic!

Nordstrom is at the forefront of a new generation of teachers of European business school. Nordstrom’s research is dedicated to the international aspects of business. Instead of the bold theories, Kjell’s ideas really work. He makes the thoughts come true. Now-a-days Nordstrom is a consultant for several large multinational corporations, as well as for the government of the United Kingdom. Also he is a member of the Boards of Directors in the Stokke Fabrikker (Norway), Swedish Internet company Spray Ventures, and Razorfish - a US developer of applications for solutions in e-business.

In 2005 the Nordstrom-Ridderstrale Alliance (co-authors of " Funky Business ") took 9-th place in the world and 1-st place in Europe in the rating of "Thinkers in management".

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